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Proceedings of the Symposium




1. K. Yildizli, T. Kayalarli, C. Dengiz, H. Cep Laser surface hardening of the carbon enriched duplex stainless steel sheets  (PDF)

2. U. Dudko, C. von der Ahe, L. Overmeyer: Research on the power supply of an integrated communication module for a gentelligent component (PDF)

3. V. Hecht-Linowitzki, J. Klett, T. Hassel: Automated Underwater Arc Welding (PDF)

4. A. Glukhovskoy, M.C. Wurz, S. Holz, F. Küke: Laser Based Chlorine Dioxide Concentration Sensor (PDF)

5. P. Witzendorff, L. Pohl, K. Plat, O. Suttmann, L. Overmeyer: Glass and Laser: A Combination Offering Numerous of Automated Material Processing Applications (PDF)

6. O.G. Klimova-Korsmik, G.A. Turichin, E.V. Zemlyakov, K.D. Babkin, A. Zakharova, T. Hassel, G.G. Klimov, N. Murrey, A.E. BenyashHigh Productivity Additive Technologies: High-Speed Direct Laser Deposition and Non Vacuum Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing (PDF)

7. S. Tappe, M. Dörbaum, J. Kotlarski, T. Ortmaier, B. Ponick: Dynamics on an Electromagnetic Tilting Actuator in a Hyper Redundant Serial Chain (PDF)

8. V. A. Onufriev, A. S. Sulerova, V. V. Potekhin: Cyber- Physical Systems Application for the Radio Telescope’s Adaptive Surface Control Task (PDF)

9. M. Radosavac, L. Overmeyer: Development of a Hybrid Linear Motor for Conveyor Belts (PDF)

10. R. Krimm, B.-A. Behrens, D. Reich: Concept of a Hybrid Linear Press Drive (PDF)

11. D.M. Filatov, A.V. Devyatkin: Quadrotor Control System (PDF)

12. B. Küster, B. Eilert, L. Overmeyer: Automated Quality Evaluation of 8D Reports in Context of Complaint Processing (PDF)

13. T. Menke, B. Eilert, M. Stonis, L. Overmeyer: Image Processing of an Absolute Rotary Encoder for Determining Torque (PDF)

14. I. Protasov, Y. Yadgarova, V. Potekhin, V. Taratukhin: Implementation of Cloud Services for Smart Manufacture (PDF)

15. M. Ahrens, T. Hasselbusch, M. Dagen, B.-A. Behrens, T. Ortmaier: Control of an Electromagnetically Actuated Resonance Punch (PDF)

16. K. V. Ignatev: Adaptive Control System with Parameter Tuning for Double Mass Elastic Electromechanical System (PDF)

17. N. Kudriashov, S. Markov: Multifunctional Diagnostics and Process Control Systems Based on Infrared Thermography Methods and Machine Vision Algorithms (PDF)