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Institute of Transport and Automation Technology

30823 Garbsen, An der Universität 2

Web: www.ita.uni-hannover.de

E-mail: infoast.uni-hannover.de


How to find us: 

After arriving at Hannover Airport take the city train/S-Bahn S5 at terminal C. Platform is sighted by the symbol, which is pictured under the text.

The S5 Hannover airport line runs from 03.35 am until 01.05 am every 30 minutes and takes you directly to Hannover main station (“Hauptbahnhof”). The way lasts about 15 minutes and contains six stations.


City-train/S-Bahn-timetable: https://www.uestra.de/fileadmin/Material/Fahrgast/Linieplaene/GVH_Liniennetzplan_RS-Bahn.pdf

Attention: You should buy your ticket and stamp it before you get on the train.


Leave the station through the main entrance in city/centrum direction. Follow the shopping arcade Niki de Saint Phalle Promenade till the end and keep left. Pass the long escalator to reach the platform at Kröpcke U-Bahn station. Take the tram number 4 direction Garbsen. After 17 stations you will reach station Friedhof auf der Horst. The way lasts about 20 minutes. Turn right, cross the railway tracks and take any bus from the bus stop on the same side of the road. Any bus will transfer you directly to PZH. If you want to, you can have a small walk instead. It takes around 10 minutes on foot, check the map below for it. Follow the Schönebecker Allee (pass the bridge) till you catch sight of the PZH. 



Metro/Tram-timetable: https://www.uestra.de/fileadmin/Material/Fahrgast/Linieplaene/GVH_Liniennetzplan_Stadtbahn.pdf



1 „S-Bahn-Logo“ von Jürgen Siebert (FontBlog.de), LeCornichon - Logo of the german S-Bahn. Lizenziert unter Public domain über Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:S-Bahn-Logo.svg#mediaviewer/Datei:S-Bahn-Logo.svg




2 „Ubahnlogo“ von Unbekannt - www.vbbonline.de/download/pdf/liniennetze/su_berlin.pdf. Lizenziert unter Public domain über Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ubahnlogo.svg#mediaviewer/Datei:Ubahnlogo.svg