Proceedings of the Symposium (2019)

Plenary Session

1. T. Gavrilova, D. Kudryavtsev: An Overview of Practical Ontology Implementation in Decision Support Systems (PDF)

2. N. Shchekutin, V. Shkodyrev, L. Overmeyer: Layout Optimization for Cyber-Physical Material Flow Systems Using a Genetic Algorithm (PDF)

3. B. Katalinic, V. Shkodyrev, L. Overmeyer: Cyber-Physical Systems in Complex Technologies and Process Control (PDF)

Fundamentals Session

4. M. Meshalkina, V. Tsvetkov, N. Kryzhova, E. Sokolova: Metrological Assurance of Environmental Estimation of Soil Pollution by Heavy Metals by a Geoinformation Cyber-Physical System (PDF)

5. D. Kostenko, D. Arseniev, V. Onufriev: Distributed Knowledge Base of Intellectual Control in Smart Grids (PDF)

Technologies Session

6. A. Iskhakov, A. Iskhakova, R. Meshcheryakov: Dynamic Container Virtualization as a Method of IoT Infrastructure Security Provision (PDF)

7. T. Kuronen, T. Eerola, L. Lensu, J. Häkkinen, H. Kälviäinen: 3D Hand Movement Measurement Framework for Studying Human-Computer Interaction (PDF)

8. Y. Zhengjie, E. Rostova, N. Rostov: Neural Network Compensation of Dynamic Errors in a Robot Manipulator Programmed Control System (PDF)

9. K. Pflieger, L. Overmeyer: Flexographic Printing of Optical Multimodal Y-Splitters for Optical Sensor Networks (PDF)

10. A. Kvasnov: Method of Classification of Fixed Ground Objects by Radar Images with the Use of Artificial Neural Networks (PDF)

Applications Session

11. V. Lyubich, A. Kurmashev: Synthesis of the Coordinated Control Algorithms for a Biaxial Manipulator (PDF)

12. L. Zarour, G. Malykhina: Comparison of Analytical BP-FBP and Algebraic SART-SIRT Image Reconstruction Methods in Computed Tomography for the Oil Measurement System (PDF)

13. A. Loginov, B. Mukhambedyarov, D. Lukichev, N. Polyuga: Control of Solar PV/Wind Hybrid Energy System in Grid-Connected and Islanded Mode of Operation (PDF)

14. A. Alekseev, V. Efremov, V. Potekhin, Y. Zhao, H. Du: Digital Twin Analytic Predictive Applications in Cyber-Physical Systems (PDF)

15. U. Dudko, L. Overmeyer: Power Management in Autonomous Optical Sensor Nodes (PDF)

16. D. Arseniev, V. Shkodyrev, K. Yagafarov: The Model of a Cyber-Physical System for Hybrid Renewable Energy Station Control (PDF)

17. M. Kanus, A. Hoffmann, L. Overmeyer, B. Ponick: Linear Direct Drive for Light Conveyor Belts to Reduce Tensile Forces (PDF)

18. G. Korshunov, A. Aleksandrov, A. Tamvilius: A Cyber-Physical System for Monitoring the Technical Condition of Heat Networks (PDF)