Proceedings of the Symposium (2017)

1. D. Hötte, L. Bindszus, L. Overmeyer: Development of an alternative drive concept for belt conveyors by using driven idlers (PDF)

2. A.S.Rashid, D.A. Hernandez, I. Protasov, V. Potekhin: Enhancement PLM processes by RFID technologies (PDF)

3. P. Heitzmann, D. Zaremba, H. Dittmar, T. Hassel, L. Overmeyer: Automable splicing method for steel cord conveyor belts – finding a suitable preparation process (PDF)

4. V. Shkodyrev: Situation assessment and situation-specific control in intelligent control networking (PDF)

5. F. M. Khortabi, M.A.Khan, V. Potekhin: Comparative analysis of applying deep-learning on PID process (PDF)

6. Y. Zhukov, N. Slobodzyan: Simulation of hexapod with a vector-controlled hybrid stepper mottor (PDF)

7. U. Dudko, L. Overmeyer: Visible light communication channel for an intelligent photoelectric sensor module (PDF)

8. D. Merkulov, V. Potekhin, A. Gartsev: Development of a tracking system for manipulation robotic arm (PDF)

9. A. Gartsev, V. Potekhin, D. Merkulov: A control system of surge regulation with neural networks (PDF)

10. A. Kvasnov: Methods for the integration of information obtained from radioelectronic and optoelectronic sensors of the coverage and detection (PDF)