Proceedings of the Symposium (2018)

Laser Technologies Session

1. T. Schneider, J. Perwas, B. Küster, M. Stonis, L. Overmeyer: Validation of an Inductive Sensor for Monitoring Marine Gearboxes (PDF)

2. A. Glukhovskoy, T.Schnebeck, S. Holz, E. Fischer, M.C. Wurz: A Laser-based, In-line Chlorine Dioxide Concentration Sensor (PDF)

3. K. Pflieger, D. Schrein, L. Overmeyer: Coating of Thin Optical Fibers at High Capillary Number (PDF)

Robotics & Mechatronic Session

4. B.-A. Behrens, R. Krimm, O. Commichau: Material Transport with Linear Induction (PDF

5. D.M. Filatov, A.V. Devyatkin, E.V. Serykh: Autonomous Car Computer Vision (PDF)

6. T. Hassel, O. Klimova: Robot Based Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) as a Solution to Produce 3-d Parts (PDF

7. J. Koenigsberg, B. Ponick: Operating Characteristics of Actively Damped Motor Spindles (PDF

8. D.M. Filatov, E.V. Serykh, K.V. Loseva, A.V. Devyatkin: Fully Automatic Parking Control System for Mobile Robot (PDF

9. A. Kriwall, A. Alshov, B. Küster: Development of a Dual Test Rig for the Investigation of Conventional and Driven Rollers (PDF

Logistics and Control Session

10. D.G. Arsenjev, D.E. Baskakov, V.P. Shkodyrev: Smart Contract Protocols of Cognitive Agents Interaction in Distribution Control Networks (PDF

11. W.M. Assi, V.A. Onufriev: Abnormal Human Activity Recognition in Video Surveillance (PDF)

12. L. Overmeyer, S. Gottwald: Control Concept for an Ultra-Fast Assembly Technology for Electronic Components (PDF

13. S.M. Rafiaei, V.A. Onufriev, V.V. Potekhin: The Method of Finding Path for Emergency Cars Based on Minimal Time (PDF) 

14. N.P. Sorokina, D.M. Filatov, A.A. Galantsev: Development of a Stand for Studying Control Systems of a Nonlinear Dynamic Object (PDF

15. A.V. Fedorov, V.P. Shkodyrev: Proactive Recommendation System Based on Hybrid Neural Network and Fuzzy Knowledge Base (PDF