Proceedings of the Symposium (2015)

1. Vyacheslav Shkodyrev, Aleksandr Fedorov. Russia (2015): Knowledge-base automation in smart manufacturing systems (PDF)

2. Semyon A. Potryasaev, Olga Brovkina, Vyacheslav A. Zelentsov, Victor F. Mochalov, Alexsander N. Pavlov, Boris V. Sokolov. Russia (2015): Methodology and technic of intelligent integrated decision support systems development for territory management (PDF)

3. Yamschikov A. Yuriy, Oleg S. Ipatov, Kirill V. Lapshin Russia (2015): Optimal information transmission schedule for networks with tree-like topology (PDF)

4. Bruno Apolloni, Simone Bassis, Luca Ferrari, Gian Luca Galliani, Matteo Gioia, Jacopo Rota, Italy (2015): Learning from nowhere (PDF)

5. D.S. Kirgin, G.G. Goppe, M.P. Dunayev, Russia (2015): The automated technological complex on processing of rubber products (PDF)

6. Marius Rogobete, Ciprian Racuciu, Romania (2015): Watermarking framework for image protection. A case study (PDF)

7. Elena Serova, Russia (2015): Hybrid intelligent systems and models for architectural design of management system (PDF)

8. Margarita Gladkova, Tatiana Gavrilova, Russia (2015): Visual models for big data analysis (PDF)

9. Gerd-Albert Hoffmann, Ludger Overmeyer, Germany (2015): Conditioning of flexible substrates for the application of polymer optical waveguides (PDF)

10. A.V. Fedotov, A.K. Belyaev, V.A. Polyanskiy, N.A. Smirnova, Russia (2015): Experimental study of local and modal approaches to active vibration control of elastic systems (PDF)

11. Christoph von der Ahe, Ludger Overmeyer, Germany (2015): Examination of time domain reflectometry for fault locating in pipelines (PDF)

12. Ludger Overmeyer, Christoph Lotz, Michael Rein, Germany (2015): Steps for a reduction of vibrations of the roller guide in the insteinelevator (PDF)

13. Josif Breido, Ualikhan Iskakov, Kazakhstan (2015): Development of generalized simulation model of overcurrent protection device (PDF)

14. Semyon A. Potryasaev, Michail U. Ohtilev, Alexsander N. Pavlov, Boris V. Sokolov, Rafael M.Yusupov, Russia (2015): Theoretical and technological foundations of complex objects proactive monitoring management and control (PDF)

15. Nikita Shchekutin, Vyacheslav Shkodyrev, Russia Andre Heinke, Ludger Overmeyer, Germany (2015): Data transmission for a small-scaled, cyber-physical material handling system (PDF)

16. Josif Breido, Sofiya Voytkevich, Kazakhstan (2015): Modeling and experimental studies of leakage currents and currents spreading on the elements of a high-voltage support (PDF)

17. Sergey Zobnin, Evgeniya Sheremetova, Vyacheslav Shkodyrev, Russia (2015): Distributed tree search algorithms for pomdps (PDF)

18. Liudmila Kokoulina, Tatiana Gavrilova, Stanislav Vlasov, Russia (2015): New approach to smart services classification (PDF)

19. Aleksandr Fedorov, Vyacheslav Shkodyrev, Russia (2015): Knowledge based decision making framework (PDF)

20. Alexander Kravets, Aron D. Kurmashev, Russia (2015): The method of control system synthesis for the heat conductivity problem (PDF)

21. Daria Kourneva, Alexey Aksenov, Victor Alexandrov, Russia (2015): Digital cognitive 3d-technologies (PDF)

22. Kamil Yagafarov, Anastasia Bayandina, Ksenia Smolyninova, Irina Tarasova, Kristina Trusova, Russia (2015): Optimal recommendations generation system for preschool educational institution network development in the big city (PDF)

23. Ivan Kapitonov, Russia (2015): The hemispherical spatial scanner (PDF)

24. Vladislav E. Kovalevsky, Vyacheslav P. Shkodyrev, Russia (2015): Logic programming approach in situation-specific manufacturing control (PDF)

25. Dmitry G. Arsenjev, Nicolai A. Berkovskii, Russia (2015): Applying conditional particle filters for bearing-only slam problem (PDF)

26. Angelina Sulerova, Vladislava Bykova, Vyacheslav Potekhin, Russia Xuan Chiem, Vietnam (2015): Process automation engineering within the concept of «industry 4.0» (PDF)

27. Aleksey Kabanov, Russia (2015): Approximate feedback linearizing control of nonlinear singular perturbed systems (PDF)

28. Alexander Gilyov, Russia (2015): Intelligent control system by synchronous vacuum circuit-breakers middle voltage (PDF)

29. Vadim Kramar, Anna Rodkina, Veronika Dushko, Russia (2015): Steel potential predicting using the neural network (PDF)